Yi Halo, updates and looking forward to 2018!

We've got the Yi Halo! Very impressed with this amazing piece of equipment. The cloud stitching is quite incredible, the image quality is great and the ease of use does wonders in terms of saving time on set.

Arguably the best aspect is still the reduced amount of time spent in post production. The optical flow stitching that takes place in Google's cloud is a game changer, and the results so far that we've experienced are really, really nice.

Looking forward to sharing more about our projects using this cool rig!

Here are some on set photos from the last shoot we were on, directed by me (Deepak) for Revelator, a full service media production company in Austin, TX and shot by Josh Fritts of Digital Quilt VR.

While setting up we use the Gear360 as witness cam.

Last fall we also completed a cool interactive VR project with Dane Kinney of WeFilm3d and Elaina Woods and Will Aronson of NovaKitten.

It's an archival media viewer that was purpose built for room scale interaction at the new Austin Public Library located in the heart of downtown Austin, TX.

Check out the video on our work page!

- Deepak

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