Matthew is a Los Angeles based cinematographer who specializes in live action stereographic 3D cinema, documentaries, commercials and television.  His recent credits include Director of Photography on Korean megastar Kim Jang Hoon’s 3D music video featuring Paris Hilton; DP for CNN’s new documentary series Declassified; and Stereographer for Transformers: Age of Extinction, directed by Michael Bay.

Over the past 20 years, Matthew is proud to have worked with Peter Anderson, ASC,  3ality Digital, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, among many others. His camerawork can be seen in hundreds of  projects for clients such as Fox, NFL Films, Universal, Toyota, Turner, and Warner Brothers.  In addition to photographing television, documentaries and features, Matthew served as a Stereographer at Sony Pictures Studios in 2010-2011, consulting on various live action 3D projects, contributing to product design, and teaching the ICG and DGA 3D seminars at the Sony 3D Technology Center.  In 2012, Matthew was elected to the Board of Governors of the International 3D Society.

A native of Vermont, Matthew earned an MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute, where he teamed with director Sharat Raju to DP the award-winning American Made.  He lives in Los Angeles with his family.


Josh began his career in set lighting, quickly working his way up to gaffer and collaborating on numerous commercials, music videos and feature films. He took the knowledge of lighting he learned after working with many talented DPs and applied it to his own style of shooting. Josh prides himself on his easy to work with attitude, absolute love of his craft and his ability to bring visual style to any project regardless of limitations. In 2011, Josh shot one of the winning commercials in the Pepsi Crash the Super Bowl contest. Since then he has shot commercials for many national advertisers including Adidas, Homewood Suites, Post and Mattel. Josh has also shot many projects in 3D as DP/Stereographer including as 2nd Unit Stereographer on Fox’s’ hit feature Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes. Josh is always looking for new, exciting and creatively challenging projects. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and Atlanta, he loves the travel aspect of production and is available for work worldwide.


Winner of the 2016 "Best 3D Live Action Short" from the Advanced Imaging Society, and "Best Director" from ITVFest Deepak Chetty’s sci-fi thriller HARD RESET was the first Stereoscopic 3D UT graduate thesis film (in conjunction with UT3D) and, according to his thesis advisor, "one of the most technically ambitious films ever produced at UT." Before receiving his MFA from UT Austin, Chetty was already an accomplished post-production generalist in NYC.  In addition to his directing and VFX expertise, Chetty’s cinematography has been featured at major festivals including SXSW, Silverdocs, Slamdance, and Seattle International Film Festival. His first feature film as cinematographer THE LOVE INSIDE (2015) directed by Andy Irvine and Mark Smoot was released by Gravitas Ventures across all VOD platforms. Beyond his fiction based creative pursuits, he currently is working as a consultant and researcher in the field of Immersive Media, which includes projects in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Stereoscopic Imaging. He also teaches the Intro To Immersive Media class at UT Austin in the RTF Department. View his other work at